en stillhet som döden translates into english as a stillness like death.

all of our material is available for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Aois-Dubh (pronounce wah-doo) is an experimental, noise and dark ambient artist from Portland, Maine (USA). This project was discontinued in approximately Fall 2003 (or perhaps 2004 sometime). However, as of 2009-2010 this project has begun anew. Currently living in Seattle, Washington, Alexander M. Koch (the man behind Aois-Dubh) has aggressively begun working on new droning, noise, and dark ambient tracks. Currently three releases are available via en stillhet som döden, although more are on their way. These releases are:
gång på gång
immobiles comme la baie de la mort
Tablet 4

BGUDNA is Björgvin Guðnason from Iceland. He creates ambient soundscapes, occasionally using percussion to amplify the listening experience. He has self-released two albums  available on his website and released a new EP on en stillhet som döden.
Other Plans for Field Experience

Drowned In Salt
From Lanús, Argentina comes experimental and neo- folk artist Forseti Runa. Releasing under the moniker Drowned In Salt Forseti creates fascinating aural textures with guitar and electronics, vocals and ambience. He has two albums currently available on this netlabel. One, Oktoberpest, is a re-release of his self-released fall 2010 album. The other, Folk Jugend, is exclusive to en stillhet som döden.
Folk Jugend

Lauter Ton
Lauter Ton (German for Loud Sound) was a side-project of  Alexander M. Koch. Only a small number of tracks were ever released under this name. A few harsh noise tracks in various stages of completion have been discovered and are in the process of being re-vamped and edited for a one-time only release. No new Lauter Ton material will be created, but those songs which have been found will be finished and released as a short e.p. on en stillhet som döden under this moniker.

Prolitaya Krov
Prolitaya Krov is a new experimental electronic music artist from the West Coast of America. Meaning "Spilled Blood" in Russian, apparently. The owner-operator of this netlabel has no knowledge of Russian and so is taking the musician's word for it. In the artist, Jonathan's, own words: "Prolitaya Krov is going to imitate the sounds of a nuclear war, for your ears." Whether this will be harsh, power noise, or dim dark ambient desolation only time will tell

From New Brunswick, Canada, but of Icelandic descent, Trölladyngja is an artist who is working on his first release. The moniker, named for a mountain in Iceland, is new and he has not released any material under this or any other name. His intentions are to create extremely minimal drone based soundscapes, but has also entertained the thought of including recorded samples from the forest near his home. The first release will still be a while in coming, and will likely be a demo of sorts available here through en stillhet som döden.