en stillhet som döden translates into english as a stillness like death.

all of our material is available for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lauter Ton - niemand fickt jemand in Brand

Lauter Ton - niemand fickt jemand in Brand 
1. brennbare Menschen für brennbare Städte MP3 @ 2
.4 MB      
2. Brennen im Bildnis
MP3 @ 3.1 MB
3. Lagerfeuer außer Kontrolle
MP3 @ 3.5 MB
4. das Rauschen von neun Millionen Kerzen
MP3 @ 19.9 MB
5. die laute Geräusche von einem Feuergefecht
MP3 @ 2.4 MB
6. einfachen blauen Flammen
MP3 @ 4.1 MB
7. Katastrophe des Feuers
MP3 @ 14.1 MB
8. niemand fickt jemand in Brand MP3 @ 14 MB

 niemand fickt jemand in Brand is the only release by artist Lauter Ton, a side project of Alexander M. Koch. These tracks were begun in 2002 and left dormant for eight years. When found, they were put through the production process and finished to create the 27 minute 50 second e.p. available here. This is a mix of static noise with dark ambient undertones and harsh noise released on the en stillhet som döden netlabel.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


we are very excited to announce the addition of BGUDNA to our roster.
BGUDNA is Björgvin Guðnason from Iceland. He creates ambient soundscapes, occasionally using percussion to amplify the listening experience. He has self-released two albums available on his website and is currently working on new audio material, which will hopefully be released soon on en stillhet som döden.
please check back regularly for updates and more information regarding his music and upcoming release here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Aois-Dubh - Tablet 4

 Aois-Dubh Tablet 4 
.The skies roared with thunder and the earth heaved  54.2 MB @ 320 kbps 
2. Then came darkness and a stillness like death 169.9 MB @ 320 kbps 
technically our first release, although being posted here second, Tablet 4 by Aois-Dubh is a 3 hour 48 minute and 56 second album intended to be released on 4 separate discs. however, for best experience it should be listened to on a computer or digital music playing device to prevent overly long time lapses between tracks, and to evoke the original intentions of the artist. The music is based on the feelings, emotions, and thoughts evoked by Tablet four of the great Epic of Gilgamesh, which tells the story of the journey to the cedar forest. On each day of the six-day journey, Gilgamesh prays to Shamash; in response to these prayers, Shamash sends Gilgamesh oracular dreams during the night. The first is not preserved. In the second, Gilgamesh dreams that he wrestles a great bull that splits the ground with his breath. Enkidu interprets the dream for Gilgamesh: the dream means that Shamash, the bull, will protect Gilgamesh. In the third, Gilgamesh dreams:

The skies roared with thunder and the earth heaved,
Then came darkness and a stillness like death.
Lightning smashed the ground and fires blazed out;
Death flooded from the skies.
When the heat died and the fires went out,
The plains had turned to ash.

this last is the inspiration for this release, and for the soundscapes, ambience, noise, and aural exploration within.
you may right click and save-as to download these files from their archived location.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aois-Dubh - immobiles comme la baie de la mort

 Aois-Dubh immobiles comme la baie de la mort
  116.3 MB @ 320 kbps

technically our second release, although being posted here first, immobiles comme la baie de la mort by Aois-Dubh is a 50 minute 47 second exploration into aural textures. aptly named, meaning in english "motionless as the bay of death," this almost-hour-long dark ambient soundscape is available here for the first time. please click on the above link "immobiles comme la baie de la mort" to download the one-track-album. do not right click and save-as, that will not work for this particular link, although it will work in the future on this and other releases when all material is transferred to another hosting site.


it appears that the archive.org netlabel setup may take longer than expected. from reading this post i have deduced that there is something of a backlog of netlabels to create collections for. it is either that or simon, and whoever else, at archive.org is very busy and that this process is much slower than i first thought it would be. nonetheless the first release, Aois-Dubh - Tablet 4, should still be out soon. i will just have to find somewhere else to temporarily host the files. needless to say you can still expect en stillhet som döden to release material until the archived collection is up and running smoothly. thank you.

Monday, November 22, 2010

collection requested

i have contacted simon at archive.org to request a collection for en stillhet som döden. this will be the collection for the netlabel where all releases will be published. from there i will post artwork and music, which will be directly linked from this blog. i expect it to take a few days to a week before the first release, Tablet 4 by Aois-Dubh, is available. this is because it will take some time to get the collection up and running properly and make sure that everything is in order, especially with the united states thanksgiving holiday coming up at the end of this week. however, the first release is ready and will be online soon. further releases are at various levels of completion but there are expected to be more releases on a relatively regular basis. Aois-Dubh has a backlog of releases which will likely be released in the opposite order of their chronological creation due to editing necessities. further artists are being contacted and contacting me and will be added to the catalog as soon as possible.

en stillhet som döden

en stillhet som döden is a new dark ambient, noise, drone, and experimental electronic netlabel. musical work will be uploaded to archive.org and linked to from this site, for .rar or .zip download, with artwork and high quality mp3 files. additionally, reviews and links to other netlabels with quality music will occasionally be posted. this site is in its infancy, so please check back regularly for updates and information.