en stillhet som döden translates into english as a stillness like death.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aois-Dubh - The Boys Who Met The Trolls In The Hedal Woods

Aois-Dubh - The Boys Who Met The Trolls In The Hedal Woods

A one track e.p. by Aois-Dubh, The Boys Who Met The Trolls In The Hedal Woods is a 13.04 minute track of droning, deeply delving dark ambient. The title, and inspiration for the track, is based off of a traditional Norwegian folk tale.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drowned In Salt - Folk Jugend

Drowned In Salt - Folk Jugend

 1. Introducción 4.8 MB
2. Canción De La Muerte 5.5 MB
3. Steppe All Around 6.8 MB
4. Леехв Ехт Екил 8.0 MB
5.  Nähe Des Geliebten 7.1 MB
6.  Gefunden 11.1 MB
7.  Twa Corbies (Vivo) 6.8 MB

this album of brand new neo-folk from Drowned In Salt is proudly presented here on en stillhet som döden. we are very excited to have this new release available here. the music is reminiscent of Oktoberpest, but certainly not a repetition. fascinating melodies, haunting vocals, and an extremely enjoyable listen. much recommended and an album that will be hailed for its straightforward, brand-new approach to the neo-folk genre. Forseti Runa has done well, surpassing his previous work, and created an aural experience worth taking the time to enjoy. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drowned In Salt - Oktoberpest

 Drowned In Salt Oktoberpest

 1. Oktober 19.5 MB
2. Lex Talionis 15.4 MB
3. Midnight Will 16.7 MB
4. Twa Corbies 5.8 MB
5. Abattoirs Of Love 9.9 MB
6. Satan 5
.6 MB
7. W
ir Rufen Deine Wölfe 7.1 MB
8. Erlk
önig 7.0 MB
9. Steppe All Around 6
.7 MB
10. Dies Ir
æ 3.3 MB
11. Vem Kan Segla 5
.0 MB
12. Final 5
.9 MB
this album is a collection of haunting, eerie, and thoroughly mood setting neo-folk. a greatly enjoyable listen and just a hint at what is to come from this talented musician. although a re-release, Oktoberpest by Drowned In Salt was previously only available through the artist's website. we are excited to have this release available now on en stillhet som döden and look forward to more releases from the man behind the moniker, Forseti Runa. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

BGUDNA - Other Plans for Field Experience

 BGUDNA - Other Plans for Field Experience

  1. Fit to Wear this Crown 13.8 MB
2. Maybe Warm Blooded 13.9 MB
3. Equally Obvious 21.8 MB
4. Miracles are Expected 12.7 MB
5. Natural Defenses 16.0 MB
6. Shot Full of Arrows 11.8 MB

a fascinating aural experience, BGUDNA's Other Plans for Field Experience is the artist's first release on en stillhet som döden. Björgvin Guðnason, the man behind BGUDNA, has crafted a dreamy and otherworldly EP, a listening experience both warm and wonderful, both dark and searching. each of the six tracks has its own emotion and texture, woven together artfully to form the whole of the album. Other Plans for Field Experience is truly worth the listen.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aois-Dubh - gång på gång

 Aois-Dubh gång på gång 
.  vålnader, minnen och begynnelse
A one track e.p. by Aois-Dubh, the e.p. is entitled gång på gång but the single track is titled vålnader, minnen och begynnelse, and it is an eerie and haunting drone piece composed through the editing of field recordings taken in Seattle, WA in December 2010.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lauter Ton - niemand fickt jemand in Brand

Lauter Ton - niemand fickt jemand in Brand 
1. brennbare Menschen für brennbare Städte MP3 @ 2
.4 MB      
2. Brennen im Bildnis
MP3 @ 3.1 MB
3. Lagerfeuer außer Kontrolle
MP3 @ 3.5 MB
4. das Rauschen von neun Millionen Kerzen
MP3 @ 19.9 MB
5. die laute Geräusche von einem Feuergefecht
MP3 @ 2.4 MB
6. einfachen blauen Flammen
MP3 @ 4.1 MB
7. Katastrophe des Feuers
MP3 @ 14.1 MB
8. niemand fickt jemand in Brand MP3 @ 14 MB

 niemand fickt jemand in Brand is the only release by artist Lauter Ton, a side project of Alexander M. Koch. These tracks were begun in 2002 and left dormant for eight years. When found, they were put through the production process and finished to create the 27 minute 50 second e.p. available here. This is a mix of static noise with dark ambient undertones and harsh noise released on the en stillhet som döden netlabel.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


we are very excited to announce the addition of BGUDNA to our roster.
BGUDNA is Björgvin Guðnason from Iceland. He creates ambient soundscapes, occasionally using percussion to amplify the listening experience. He has self-released two albums available on his website and is currently working on new audio material, which will hopefully be released soon on en stillhet som döden.
please check back regularly for updates and more information regarding his music and upcoming release here.