en stillhet som döden translates into english as a stillness like death.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aois-Dubh - immobiles comme la baie de la mort

 Aois-Dubh immobiles comme la baie de la mort
  116.3 MB @ 320 kbps

technically our second release, although being posted here first, immobiles comme la baie de la mort by Aois-Dubh is a 50 minute 47 second exploration into aural textures. aptly named, meaning in english "motionless as the bay of death," this almost-hour-long dark ambient soundscape is available here for the first time. please click on the above link "immobiles comme la baie de la mort" to download the one-track-album. do not right click and save-as, that will not work for this particular link, although it will work in the future on this and other releases when all material is transferred to another hosting site.

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