en stillhet som döden translates into english as a stillness like death.

all of our material is available for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lauter Ton - niemand fickt jemand in Brand

Lauter Ton - niemand fickt jemand in Brand 
1. brennbare Menschen für brennbare Städte MP3 @ 2
.4 MB      
2. Brennen im Bildnis
MP3 @ 3.1 MB
3. Lagerfeuer außer Kontrolle
MP3 @ 3.5 MB
4. das Rauschen von neun Millionen Kerzen
MP3 @ 19.9 MB
5. die laute Geräusche von einem Feuergefecht
MP3 @ 2.4 MB
6. einfachen blauen Flammen
MP3 @ 4.1 MB
7. Katastrophe des Feuers
MP3 @ 14.1 MB
8. niemand fickt jemand in Brand MP3 @ 14 MB

 niemand fickt jemand in Brand is the only release by artist Lauter Ton, a side project of Alexander M. Koch. These tracks were begun in 2002 and left dormant for eight years. When found, they were put through the production process and finished to create the 27 minute 50 second e.p. available here. This is a mix of static noise with dark ambient undertones and harsh noise released on the en stillhet som döden netlabel.

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