en stillhet som döden translates into english as a stillness like death.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drowned In Salt - Oktoberpest

 Drowned In Salt Oktoberpest

 1. Oktober 19.5 MB
2. Lex Talionis 15.4 MB
3. Midnight Will 16.7 MB
4. Twa Corbies 5.8 MB
5. Abattoirs Of Love 9.9 MB
6. Satan 5
.6 MB
7. W
ir Rufen Deine Wölfe 7.1 MB
8. Erlk
önig 7.0 MB
9. Steppe All Around 6
.7 MB
10. Dies Ir
æ 3.3 MB
11. Vem Kan Segla 5
.0 MB
12. Final 5
.9 MB
this album is a collection of haunting, eerie, and thoroughly mood setting neo-folk. a greatly enjoyable listen and just a hint at what is to come from this talented musician. although a re-release, Oktoberpest by Drowned In Salt was previously only available through the artist's website. we are excited to have this release available now on en stillhet som döden and look forward to more releases from the man behind the moniker, Forseti Runa. 

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